What is

Common Ground Networks?

We are a diverse network of social change leaders  collaborating online and in-person to support the growth of regenerative human cultures.

We help provide resources, tools, and services- including coordination and education- to others who are working to make a positive impact on planet Earth in the 21st Century. 

We are working with many others all over the world in an emerging global movement to help co-create cooperative networks of regenerative human communities

Our Vision...

Growing Regenerative Cultures is a wholistic vision of health. This means healthier, happier humans with healthier relationships with ourselves and each other, our communities and other communities, and with our local and global ecosystems. 

We help grow enlightened, cooperative human cultures that can more effectively navigate the rapidly changing, turbulent world in which we are all working to cultivate more health, well-being, and alignment.

We are helping to enable groups, teams, organizations, and movements of all kinds develop in wholistic and innovative ways- and to cooperate better with one another- in order to reach newly available, very high levels of collective intelligence and well-being.

We, and countless collaborators, envision our networks evolving into highly organized, equitable, and effective platforms of cooperation, enabling diverse, autonomous, local groups to have much broader outreach and influence and can better learn from one another. We believe that it is very recently possible to grow much more effective networks of positive social change than ever before, and that with these networks we could collectively have a surprisingly high amount of positive influence on our world.

Our Mission...

Our mission is to support individual and group-level learning in ways that support the development of regenerative systems and culture through connection, education, training, coordination, and facilitation.


We are heavily focused on "network weaving", and "cross-pollinating" on all scales- from individuals, to groups. to organizations, and movements on all scales.

We organize various real-world and online gatherings to create the time and space to facilitate education, share experiences and effective practices, grow synergistic collaborations, and offer mutual support. These gatherings have a heavy focus on integrating theory and practice (drawing from a large number of the diverse and valuable wisdom traditions in our cultural inheritance as humans) as well as addressing the emotional aspects of this kind of work- and the challenges of Life, in general.

We also provide various resources, online and in-person, to help people connect to ideas, practices, people, and communities that will help encourage the development of healthy, regenerative systems.

Check out more details on these, and other services, education, and projects 

that support our mission.

What does it mean:

"Growing Regenerative Cultures"?

At Common Ground Networks, we work in collaboration with others to practice and continuously develop the science and art of collaborative, systems-health supporting culture design- which we call "growing regenerative cultures".

Degenerative system:
Tends to draw more from the environment, over time, than the environment can regenerate.


Sustainable system:
Tends to draw from the environment just enough to be able to keep taking what we want/need, perpetually. 


Regenerative system:
Tends to cultivate more health, and more resilience, and more abundance, over time.


Regenerative culture: 

A culture whose members perceive the world and interact with each other in such a way that their interactions tend to grow more healthy, resilient and abundant social and ecological systems, over time.


In our view, the only way to achieve true sustainability is to embody regenerative practices on all scales; and the way to embody regenerative practices on all scales is to steward the evolution of our cultures towards cooperative networks of regenerative cultures.

We believe the word "growth" is key. Much of this practice involves some high-level design science thinking, and it deserves to be named "culture design", as such; however, the wholistic, scale-linking, collaborative approaches involved with regenerative design are largely the same abstract principles underlying the nature of all growth and evolution in Life. This distinction is worth highlighting.

Applying engineering, and other blank-slate and reductionist design approaches (which have their appropriate and respectable contexts) to culture and other living systems can be disastrous; Regardless of the skill, talent, or mastery of the designers- and in many cases, because of it.

There are many great resources to explore more about related ideas and practices.

Please Enjoy. 

Regenerative Leadership thumb.png
THUMB-cultural design.png

These, and many other resources can also be found on our education page.

We're all in this together...

The work we do is in global community service and we do not get compensated for much of our work. Our work does not easily fit into the incentive systems of our current economic paradigms. We are dedicated to putting all the effort we possibly can into our whole-systems health supporting activities, and we can use your support.

There are many great ways, not just financial, that you can help
support us. Find out how to get involved.

Thanks for Visiting!

Galen is the founder, director, and lead facilitator for Common Ground Networks. He is a passionate, perpetual student of Life and the wholistic sciences. Galen studied physics, math, and biology at Colorado State University. His many studies and interests include philosophy, yoga and meditation, permaculture and regenerative design, wholistic health and science, complexity science, evolutionary theory and cultural evolution, Social and Environmental sustainability, and group facilitation. 

Common Ground Networks operates mainly out of Gainesville, FL and we are growing a Global Online Network
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