Gainesville's Food Network

Vegetable Basket

Common Grownd Networks is facilitating an ongoing, all-inclusive discussion about Gainesville's Food System.

We joined a city organized conversation about Gainesville's Food System, and we're helping to keep it going. See more about that event on our event page.

We're working to help coordinate an ongoing discussion, and we want to hear YOUR voice there! Join us now, on Slack, to see what our community has to say about how we can increase the health, security, access  of Gainesville's local food system.

What do you have to add to the conversation?

Do you know of any ideas or models elsewhere that set a good example? Give us some links to check out!

Let's find out what we can accomplish together!

Gainesville has many passionate organizations working hard to be constantly improving our local food system.

Check them out, and GET INVOLVED!

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