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We do what we do because we care deeply about our home communities, at all scales, and we believe the best way to guide our living systems towards more health and prosperity is by each one of us learning to better align our local and daily activities with our own hearts, and the health of the entire system- our planet, Earth, and beyond. We have taken it upon ourselves to help others better discover their own alignment in context with the whole, and to pass along the wave of activation of whole-systems, regenerative consciousness. Do you feel the same way? Join us!

Support Group

There are many great ways,

not just financial, that you can help support

our much needed efforts!

All hands on deck.. No contribution is too small!
We need your contribution to help us grow this regenerative network as robust and effective as we know it can become. Collaboration and mutual support is our way of being. We are working to enhance the health and resilience of our civilization and our planet, together. We are certainly not trying to do this alone. We know it will not be effective without your support.


Spread the word.
Help us spread the word of our growth. Tell people you connected with them with the help of the resources we provide. Encourage others to check out our resources.


We will continue to host in person and online gatherings. Follow us. Join us. And bring others along. Share our page and content on your social media networks.


Educate others around you, that are open to learning, about regenerative systems design. Familiarize yourself with the educational resources we are providing, and share them with others.

Keep checking our local connection guides. We will always be adding and updating. Are we not in your bioregion yet? Share your connections and resources with us!


Share your resources and connections.

Let us know of any people or organizations in our hub areas that we may be missing from our guides that are helping, through following their own passions, to grow healthier and regenerative systems. Our community connections guides will always be incomplete, and we'll always be working to add more and more health generating organizations to our list. We welcome your suggestions, and will do our best to assess them and integrate them in our guides.

If we're not in your bioregion yet, and you're reading this, we need your help! Develop your own local connection guide! We empower you to declare yourself a local connecting agent for your area. Encourage others to develop their own local connection guides. Already have one for your bioregion? Get in touch with us. We'd be thrilled to provide links to your work, and keep growing the network!

JOIN X-POLLINATORS and help us keep growing the global connection there!

Become a member or collaborator.
Join the team! As our global community of regenerative culture designers grows, we will be able to do more and more together. Being a member has several key benefits and requires an application. As a member, your regenerative ventures will be featured as an official Common Ground Networks member, and you will have free access to our regular online gatherings to continue to study regenerative culture design together, to share experiences and best practices and discuss how to better connect and support the growing pockets of this work across the globe. We will also be providing emotional support for each other in our gatherings. You will be part of the Common Ground Community. Those of us engaged in this challenging work in these challenging times need to support each other. We are grateful to be able to provide the container for this, in whatever way we can. Email us for details.

As a collaborator, we will do what we can to help grow exposure to your regenerative ventures and you will have the option to join us in our member gatherings for a small fee. Email us for details.

Donate Today.
We encourage you to take local, passion-driven action in whatever ways you can.

Sometimes, making a financial donation is the most accessible way to contribute to the movement.

One-time Donation via PayPal

Regenerative Support via Patreon


Your donation- large or small, one-time or recurring- will go a long way in helping us cover ongoing expenses as well as helping us invest in the growth of our operations to provide more and better resources for you and others like you.

We can use any financial support you feel good about contributing, and it will certainly be going to a great cause.

Take a closer look at how we will use your support.

One-time Donation via PayPal

Regenerative Support via Patreon


Grants and Funding.
We are always on the lookout for good opportunities to apply for grants and other funding. Please let us know if you have any invitations to apply, connections, or any ideas on where we can gain more funding for our work.