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Regenerating the Earth begins with regenerating ourselves.

We offer customized yoga and meditation classes for you or your group. We have certified yoga and yoga nidra instructors, registered with The Yoga Alliance.


Yoga nidra is a sleep-based meditation that uses a collection of body, breath, and awareness techniques to restore balance to the nervous and endocrine systems. We provide a guided practice that is accessible to all experience levels.
Yoga nidra is an ancient practice, supported by scientific research, and used all over the world to enhance general well being, and to help those suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety, addictions, stress related illnesses, and much more.



We offer many types of classes all focused on either individual or group well-being.

Some examples of topics include:

  • Yoga and meditation

  • Home-cooking with a focus on homegrown and foraged foods

  • Food preservation

  • Plant and Fungi identification

  • Sustainability and regenerative design classes.

  • Gaian Physiology, the science of our planet's living systems

We maintain an interactive and hands on environment in our classes. We organize our own classes as well as customize classes upon request, catered to you or your group. Contact us to discuss more.



We can grow a lot of our own food and medicine with the same effort and resources that we are already putting into maintaining our lawn and landscapes. Common Ground Networks advocates for and practices a gardening design philosophy known as permaculture, which helps us design healthy and productive gardens as ecosystems. Rather than "working against nature", we actually grow more fertile soil, with less maintenance, over time.

We have experienced and certified designers and landscapers that can help you set up and maintain your own "Foodscapes" on your home or organization's property.

Photography Videography


Digitization Services

Bride and Groom Tango

At Common Ground Networks, we call this "Cultural Preservation"!

Whether you need Photo and Video services at your special event, or wish to transfer your treasured photos, videos, and film to digital format to help preserve them for longer, we can help keep your cultural valuables alive!

We specialize in VHS to DVD transfers. Did you know your VHS tapes are degrading right now? They won't last forever. Don't lose those precious memories!

We'll convert them to DVD for just $12 per VHS tape, depending on the length and number of tapes.

"Thanks so much for making this happen!

That Nidra meditation has made me feel so good for the rest of the day!"

Group Facilitaiton

Team work

We have experienced group facilitators that can help enhance communication, increase the cooperation and cohesiveness of your group, and help your team accomplish their goals and align with similar groups and movements, locally and globally.

Scedule a team building workshop with us now!

"A great experience. Highly Recommended!"

Cultural Health


We offer life-coaching, health-coaching, and team-coaching services from a cultural health perspective.


Would you like to make more ecologically, socially, and health conscious decisions in your life, as an individual, or as a group?

Would you like to develop more collaboration between your group and your community?

Contact us for a consultation and we'll help you better align your efforts with your community and with our world!