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We're all in this together...

The work we do is in global community service and we do not get compensated for much of our work. Our work does not easily fit into the incentive systems of our current economic paradigms. We are dedicated to putting all the effort we possibly can into our whole-systems health generating activities, and we can definitely use your support. All hands on deck. No contribution is too small. 

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Common Ground Networks is the blossoming of many lifelong labors of Wholesome Love and Purpose. 


We provide valuable, unique services.

There are many great ways,

not just financial, that you can help support our much needed efforts!

And, we need your support! 

Apart from the services, projects, and products featured on this website, there are many other things that we do that can't be easily advertised, displayed, and/or monetized.

We are in perpetual, devoted, rigorous study of wholistic science, health, and whole-systems design. Countless hours of passionate and skilled effort goes into continuously developing our understanding of the world around us into the kind of sophisticated theory that is accurate, wise, integrative, and can actually be applied, effectively, in practice. Countless hours go into actively learning how to apply these understandings in an endless cycle of observation and interaction, and practice. Our ventures and operations are the fruit of these fundamental efforts.


An important part of our way of being is a powerful integration of various theories and practices all together. In order to effectively draw from and integrate wisdoms and examples set in many philosophies and movements, we must spend much time studying and working with these practices. We study in formal institutions, as part of certification programs, as well as in our own, independent groups.

Between all of us, we pour a large amounts of time, effort, dedication, and plenty of our own money into our studies and practices of various traditions including but not limited to:

  • Wholistic Science

  • Systems Design

  • Evolutionary Science

  • Cultural Evolution

  • Cognitive Science

  • Mathematics

  • Complexity Science

  • Biology

  • Ecology

  • Permaculture Design

  • Horticulture and Gardening

  • Foraging and Wildcrafting

  • Ethnobotany

  • Herbalism

  • Wholistic health

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Group facilitation

Much time goes into simply showing up, connecting with the local groups and movements that are already acting as, or poised to serve as, regenerative agents in our areas. We connect, observe, learn, and humbly guide things in more effective directions, as we are able. We are constantly learning better ways to encourage effective regenerative development from local leaders from all backgrounds and in all contexts. And we are constantly helping others make connections that have a high chance of developing into collaborations and partnerships that contribute to the health and resilience of the whole. We help make fulfilling and productive connections between people, local organizations, and global movements.

We are cultural cross-pollinators. We are community gardeners... That is, we help grow communities.

How we use your generous financial contributions...

On top of all our personal and organizational development, we also have plenty of expenses to keep up with in order make our efforts sustainable and continue to provide excellent, free resources to all the people, like yourself, that are working to grow more health in their bio-region and better connect to regenerative movements around the world.

We are very grateful for the donations we receive to cover ongoing expenses, such as:

  • Website fees

  • Team/community organizing platform accounts

    • Meetup

    • Zoom

    • Others

  • Travel expenses​

  • Conference fees

  • Local community support

    • Membership dues

    • Event and class fees 

    • Donations.

We are always working towards investing more and growing our outreach, operations, and ability to produce and share unique and important resources to the diverse types of healers in our networks.


We are preparing to launch our Common Ground Networks Podcast and YouTube channel, and have dozens of hours of terrific footage from various regenerative projects, world renowned theorists, researchers, and practitioners from all over the world. We have connections all over the world, and will be using the funds made available to us to get more editing done faster, purchase better equipment, and to continue to travel and connect with world leaders in the regenerative movement, and document inspiring and effective models and wisdoms to share with the rest of the world.

We are also saving up funds to help us with larger purchases that will greatly enhance the kinds of services we can offer. Things like:

  • Video equipment

  • Production costs

  • New travel funds

Please check out our Patreon page for more info and to make an affordable monthly donation.
We can use any contribution you feel good about giving, and it will certainly be going to a great cause.

If you are a being on Earth in the 21st century, and can spare any amount of money each month, or even a one-time donation,
PLEASE CONSIDER CONTRIBUTING. We are doing this work for all of us.

Thanks for your support, and your collaboration

in Growing Regenerative Cultures
on 21st Century Earth!


We're all in this together.

Common Ground Networks operates mainly out of Gainesville, FL and we are growing a Global Online Network
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